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Bleach online is a free online anime MMO game. The game is well known for its popular manga bleach character. Unique storytelling in the game depict you as the leading warrior who came to the rescue. Gameplay is very smooth, filled with relatively graphics for this genre. As a player, Chief Captain-Commander Yamamoto found you in a seriously wounded condition. You slept over 1000 years and when woke up you forgot everything from the past.

The Yamamoto guide you to go on the journey to discover your past and identity, and sends you to the Human World. In the Human world, you meet your next good friend, his name is Ichigo who is a rebel (just like you as will be discovered as game evolve).

This is a point where the game really begins. You have to make your own team to fight the battles and takedown the rebel force of Aizen and rescure other rebels.

How To Play

1. Sign up and create your player account, then choose a username to be your identity in the community.
2. Next step is selecting one of the six characters.
3. You have to create your own group to fight with the rebels. Thus before stating the battles choose the right warriors in your group.
4. The roles of the team member can grant you for different credits. It’s a good idea to create diverse team for earning more point.
5. Each of the group members also have specific power which can be used to win battle and progress in the game. You can add more warriors to your team as you earn more point.

Key Features

1. The game makes you think as a leader and captain.
2. Graphics do their part, help you to engage more easily and instantly begin the game.
3. The story moves ahead as you win the battle.


Bleach online is a great choice for the genre lovers and manga fans. Nice interesting features will keep you enrolling in the gameplay, with various configurations of characters, graphics and reward system.

It is not the type of game where you just have to move ahead by crossing the levels. Bleach Online requires some planning and thinking from the player’s side, like how to build your team, which character to choose for battle and how to upgrade your character’ skill.

If you reached here then its probably the game for you. Don’t waste your time, start playing Bleach Online now.

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