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Dragon Nest is  3D action MMORPG that manage to cross Korea and Asia border and to expose itself to the American market. The game is a combination of an anime brawler and an RPG game. Dragon nets features a good mode of PvP with up to 16 players simultaneously and decent graphics. Its combat system is flexible and rewarding, and pits you against exciting encounters.

How To Play

1. Sign up for Dragon Nest and select your characters and armors.
2. Move around and follow the tutorial for the beginners. It is a high-paced game, so once you start the game be prepare for some actions.
3. Start your quest face and kill monsters and dragons, meet highly equipped enemies using armors, shields etc and crush them on your way to the power stone.
4. As you progress in the game, it becomes challenging, enemies are more powerful and won’t let you go easily. Thus find your best way, level up your character and upgrade your armors

Key Features

Fast-paced Game – you will engagte with the game right from the first moment. No time to spend and this is part of the adventure.
Simple – reading the guide or going over the tutorial is not a must. Dashboard is intuitive and game is basic and easy to grasp in the overall.
Graphics – bright and colorful characters and locations.
Character – you can upgrade using rewards form the battles that you participate in.


From our point of view, the  PvP mode is the game’s highlight. In the PVP mode, you can even defeat the high level player with a basic level skill. Tactics and skills has a great impact on your progress in the game. After all it is a good interesting and engaging game. You are likely to enjoy it.

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