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Crossfire is a tactical first-person shooter, which received tremendous success around the world when reaching a very larger audience in a short period. You can play Crossfire both online or by downloading it. Moments after signing up you will find yourself in the middle of the battlefield.

How to Play

Crossfire is a fast paced game, classical first person that keep you in the center with a mission to kill the enemy and move forward. The plot depicts the complication between the two competing rival forces: Global risk, and Blacklist. Both fight with each other to achieve their goal and players can choose which one to play with.
Most on the game modes support 16 players, except Zombie mode and Wave mode. All 16 players are arranged into 2 teams, 8 players each.

Crossfire’s scenarios are objective-based, means that players have to cooperate with each other. Every match rewards the player with more experience and higher rank (until 100). With each rank more items are unlocked such as weapons, armors etc. However, as game progress the play level of the enemy raises and it will become more difficult to accomplish missions and win battles. As in many other online games, players can purchased premium items for “real money” during the game. Players can customize their character as well with clothes, armors, colors, style, etc.

Key Features

1. challenging – Crossfire features various levels with different difficulties so players will have to be both aggressive but tactical
2. Graphics – Realistic graphics make the game more appealing and fun as surroundings look real which enhance your experience.
3. Customization – Design your hero as you wish and according to your needs using many kinds of weapons, accessories and otherdressing style.
4. Go Premium – Increase your firepower and raise your overall rank by obtaining new premium weapons, gadgets and other items to gain more strength.


Crossfire has everything that FPS game must have, including large community and tons of players. If you are a fan on that niche then Crossfire is the game for you!

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