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Crossout is a shooter MMO action game, where you craft your own vehicle, drive it and destroy everything that comes in your way. Vehicles which made out of swords and skulls, designed mainly to create damage and as much as possible. Crossout features an impressive vehicle customization system, great combat effects and fast-paced game.
Players can choose their base vehicle, from small-size buggies to heavily trucks and crucial 4×4 off-road.

You will start with a very basic vehicle which you can actually upgrade just from the start. Then for each mission you accomplish or PvP match you will earn spoils which allows you to further keep improving your vehicle.

The game itself is pretty simple, just aim your guns on your enemy and start shooting as hard as you can. The damage aspect is realistic somehow, so when part of the vehicle was destroyed, it will affect the whole machine performance immediately.

Good tip is to keep moving and change place all the time, as you can get hit by massive canons, plasma, lasers and other bombs. So its super important not to be an easy target. Another tip for building your vehicle is to organize your guns smartly so you don’t block other canons cause it will prevent them from functioning. Also its most of the time wise to leave the ‘beautiful design’ of the vehicle and to try to put as much fire power as possible.

In-game social trading is possible during the game, you can sell the treasures pieces that you can achieve in the battlefield.


Crossout is definitely considered as one of the best games in its category. Featuring simple game-play, great graphics and audio, huge arsenal and lots of fun building your vehicle and try being both creative and a killer.
It will be hard to match the level of players that purchase items but its possible and a challenge.

In Crossout you have to remember – the only thing that matters is your Survival!”

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