Heavy Metal Machines

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Heavy Metal Machines is the world of action and madness, of vehicular madness and violence, of ruthless destruction. You will play various missions during the game. The Missions depends on the character you choose. Your survival is much depends on your skills and experience gained from combat. Your focus should be on your winnings as well as interfering your enemies to complete their job successfully. Player allow to choose between three characters: Interceptor, Support and Transporter. Each character with its own pros and cons.

The game is about delivering bombs to the enemy force. This player vehicles can be the bombs delivery vehicle, supporter vehicle which protect the delivery vehicle from the damage or the Interceptor to prevent the bomb-carrying vehicle from reaching to the enemy force.

Each game level is accomplished when the bomb delivering vehicle reaches the enemy force. With each successful delivery, you get points that helps you to repair and upgrade your vehicle.

Key Features

1. Simple To Play – you should be ready to start and enjoy the game just from the beginning
2. Graphics –  bright and exciting visual graphics and sounds to make the game more appealing and fun to play
3. Action – A lot of madness, explosions and destruction that you barely find in other similar games in this niche


Heavy Metal Machines is the craziest game in the category, so if you are crazy and like to kill and destroy then give it a shot.

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