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Panzar is a free to play, team-based action game, build over CryEngine3 graphics featuring over 15 PvP battle arenas. Five different game modes such as king of the hill, domination and ball capture. Choose your characters from eight different classes, each with its own abilities and skills.

How To Play

Game starts basically by selecting your warrior. Panzar has eight classes from four different races. Battles are very similar to the games in the niche, WASD keys and mouse for  moving your character. Attack action is done by a mouse click, left button, while power attack is the right button. Shify key is for running fast and block action is by pressing Ctrl.
You can view your rating in battle by pressing the TAB key.

Spectator mode in Panzar, a player waiting for re-spawn can watch his still active allies on a battlefield.
Domination mode when each battle takes from 5 to 10 minutes.
King of the Hill, Mechanism, or Rugby when an average battle takes from 10 to 20 minutes.
Siege mode when a battle takes up to 45 minutes.
In Panzar , you be part of the “blue”, while enemy is always “red”


Panzar is enjoyable game, it looks great and sounds good. Battles are fun and your control over game is pretty good. Definitely a game to try!

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