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War Thunder is a cross-platform MMO combat action game, which already attract so many gamers all around the world. Every day, millions of users participate in the action game on different platforms. Player gets to take part in the battles on land, air and sea.

The game describes a real-life scenario of the world war II when vicious military battles occurs on air, land, and sea at the same time.
The real-life world war II stories are embedded in the game beautifully and giving the player a real experience and feel like of the real World War II. Maps are presented in the game are perfectly copied of real ones, like Stalingrad, Russia, or Peleliu, an island in the Palau chain.

How To Play

As game evolve, players get access to over 800 different aircrafts, tanks and ships from the Germany, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, Japanese Empire, United States, France, Italy and China.
The game has three different modes, when those depends on the maps presented on your screen. The maps designates your next missions. Player can select to execute mission by air, tank or the ground forces. Each has its own different gameplay, mode and skills required which all gives completely new experience in the game.
The main general goal is to fight against the enemy and win the battle.

Key Features

1. Vehicles – Over 1000 highly detailed aircraft, tanks, and even warships. All those well-deigned combat vehicles gives enjoyable gameplay and feel of real battles.
2. Maps – 80 maps of historical battles are waiting for the players.
3. Play Single Solo – Single missions are also integrated in the game for players who want to participate in the solo war and not part of a team.
4. Updating Content – Continues updating of the game’s content with new vehicles, maps, missions, and nations.
5. Sounds – Amazing sound effect and impressive graphics gives great feel and experience with immense power.


One of best world war game you will find these days. The game developers have done an extraordinary work in the gameplay, sounds and design. Great storytelling and most importantly a lot of details taken from real life can be found in every part of the game. Don’t miss!

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