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Warframe, is a 3D third-person RPG shooter game, with great graphics and cooperative-based gameplay which take place in the far future on our sonar system. Players take on the role of the Tenno, a recently awakened ancient space ninja warrior with superhuman abilities on the race against several adversarial factions. Gameplay is about taking your character into battle and choosing the most suitable weapons. You should explore the map, search for enemies and destroy them and upgrading your warrior. Those enemy factions consist of the cloned, heavily armored Grinneer, tech-enhanced Corpus, and mutated Infested.

The game is high-paced, movement and accurate shooting are everything. Stating in the same place for too long is your best way to be killed.
The game has an optional store and market, for selling and buying new equipment. You can earn new weapons but buying them or by earning points and leveling up your character.

Key Features

1. Evolving – the more missions accomplished, the more stages, new regions and stronger weapons will be available for you.
2. Control Your Power –  Warframes hold many powers and combative technology. Its important to master and use them wisely. Save powers when needed or give everything when required.


Warframe is the new kind of shooters, a completely different animal. It combine amazing graphics, missions that connected to each other and looks differently so you are not getting bored. The Gameplay’s battles and characters movements allowing the players to feel powerful and dangerous. A new fresh adventure for you.

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