Aion’s Shadows Over Balaurea Update Arrives

In today’s world, the games and the different gaming zones have taken a wider section of society. Because of the rising techniques of the gaming zones, the aion players will have to put some more effort to get on the track. The NCSoft one is dropping the shadows over Balaurea to continue the gaming story by following the betrayal of the Daevas by the Stellin Industries and looking forward to beginning their search for Inanna, along with the unraveling of a conspiracy that is also going on together with this.


As when it is about to drop the new update it will introduce five new instances and even comes with the update of the several of the game existing’s zones more of the level 80 zones. The other Beluslan/Heiron areas are getting to rework on their procedure as to make it more useful as for both the leveling and for the lower level characters as well to make for the players a more interesting one.


There have been two new types of equipment that have been added to the game zone called the Imbued Weapons and the Paragon Equipment. The first one, Imbued weapon one is a kind of addition that helps the players to boost their in combat power along with the usage of the passive abilities while the other one the Paragon Equipment one is the form which is earned from some of the specific mobs the aids that are important for the character advancement.


Finally, the new kind of update even introduces some of the important system changes by adjusting the renowned one as well as the gemstones and the runestones one too. Further details about the changes and the more changes are available for the viewers on the Aion site.

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