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If you’re someone who is just starting the game for the very first time, you need to first try and follow the given tutorial and work along as many as quests as you can. However, after sometimes it becomes a little difficult to consummate the quest, they generally last longer. Now it is time for you to go out by yourself and deal with the city that is yours.

The City

The essentials of a successful city are nothing but production. Only when you go on to produce adequate coins and the supplies then you will be in a position to get the new buildings and the military units. Ensure to have as many production buildings & residential buildings as possible, as they are the ones to give your major income. Compare buildings you can build it carefully – there is always the building which is best suited to one’s playing style. The happiness level too plays a crucial role in people, because when the citizens are happy and comfy, their production level gets more efficient. To build cultural decorations and buildings, always try and keep the people inspired.

The Research

Right at the top of the city view in the middle, there’s a display that showcases the Forge Points. Every passing hour you get plus one until you’ve attained your maximum points. The collected points are basically the engine that goes on to drive forward your empire: You require them to trade further, to level up the Great Buildings, and, quite importantly, for the research. You research by investing in technologies in a research tree along with your points. When you’ve come up with the needed amount and (when necessary) the costs of unlocking, the benefits of new technology will simply be available for you and you may build something that is new in the city from your own building menu.

The Map And The Battles

One should not lose sight of a continent map, never. Obtain provinces, as only then you will get to expand to your city more and may exploit the essential good deposits. If you go on to trade for the sectors or win them is your decision. Firstly, it is simple to defeat armies of the enemy with military units, but quite soon the battles go on to become a lot more challenging. You need to prepare yourself for this: you need to be attentive and pay attention closely to what units the opponent has, and try bringing the units on to a field which is a good sort of match for them. The fast units are quite good when it comes to fighting against the ranged units, and the melee unit is good against the fast units. Ranged fighters have a benefit against the melee units. You may do more to grow your opportunities in the battle: If you happen to infiltrate the sector, the units of an enemy are already worn out at the starting of the battle, which proves to be the best benefit. Moreover, if you are using the terrain on battle map wisely and attempt to gang up always on the enemy unit with numerous units of your very own, you should win in battle and also crush resistance.

The Players

You’re not simply alone in this world: In the neighborhood, you may find another player with whom you may trade. If you go on to deal well with several others, they may visit the town and also support you. Of course, you may also visit the cities and motivate or polish up the buildings of the fellow players.

This provides you some extra coins that could be of good use early in this game, as well as the small opportunity to find the valuable blueprint-piece for the Great Building. The Great Building will offer great benefits to any given player that manages to build one. But, to advantage even more from the legendary buildings like this, it requires to be leveled up. The owner alongside the visitors to a city can go on to contribute by simply donating the Forge Points. anytime a fine Building reaches the new level, the valuable rewards are simply paid out to a top contributor. In addition to the peaceful coexistence, one also has the chance to fight against the opponent: When you and the attacking army go on to defeat defenders of an enemy, you may plunder the building – this may generate some additional income, however, you’d realize that behavior like that doesn’t win you the friends. However, on participating in tournaments, one may get the coveted medal, but there’ll be almost zero way around to fight.

The Goods

Later you will require goods. Always you need to keep in mind and then plan ahead to make sure you never really get to the point where you’re stuck because you may lack the essential goods. You don’t need to produce all goods yourself – focus on those, you found nice deposits for on a continent map. Team up alongside other players and then trade the goods with ‘em to get the ones you do not have. You may also exchange the goods with a non-player dealer, but the exchange rate is quite bad that you’d do it only when you have no other choice. There is another way to get the goods: When you employ the army, with good timing & skill, you may rob the neighbor of good production.

The Tips That Might Help You

  • Plan forward
  • Don’t let any of the Forge Points lapses
  • ensure to get the goods as fast as you can
  • Use the goods deposits and also trade for profit in a market
  • Use the building site constructively
  • Get all expansions you may – they never really expire and are important for the development
  • Don’t forget daily bonus from the town hall
  • Always pay heed to a level of happiness
  • Make a visit to cities of several other players and polish or motivate their buildings when you require to get the coins fast
  • In battle: infiltrate! You need to look at the set up of the enemy and employ the counter units! Make use of the terrain benefits! Attack the unit with numerous units!

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