The Ultimate Guide To Final Fantasy XIV

In June, the Storm Blood expansion is getting extended with Final Fantasy XIV. According to our thinking, to list the best tips for the MMO would be an amazing idea. Whether you are hearing about the franchise for the first time or returning to Eorzea after dusting off your sworooood.

Taking full advantage of the area of effect

Area of effect or aoe is the earliest and most dangerous technique that you are taught for surviving the game from the beginning. When an enemy attacks in the game, there is a red circle appearing around you. You should quickly dodge out of the radius of the circle. The technique might sound simple and easy but at a high level, the dodging skills can be quite difficult.

Achieving success by making friends

Making friends in the game is a very obvious tip in this guide to the players. To make friends is even more important when you are on the higher levels. There are few group challenges in the endgame which makes sure that the decent band of players can play together.

Registration of teleport locations

To roam around the world of Eorzea, teleporting is one of the most easiest and costly ways. The players can make their rounds easier by registering Aetheryte crystals at all the capital cities of the world.

For starting the process of registering Aetheryte, the player needs to select the Aetheryte and choose its location. Only 3 locations are allowed to the players to select at one time. The most effective and money-saving way of teleportation is to choose one location in each capital city and the other one should be close to a level grinding location.

The players are also given heavy discounts whenever they teleport to the capitals back to back. In the long run, it is very beneficial to the players.

Chocobo should be grabbed whenever possible

Teleporting can be pretty costly for the players. In that case, they can roam around the world of Eorzea by using Chocobo.

At level 22, in a story mission, you can achieve those yellow birds. The first task for the player is to select the Grand Company and to obtain the required quest item; they have to earn 2,000 Grand Company Seals. This will lead you to your latest yellow buddy for life.

Hunting log should be used

A separate hunting log is awarded to every adventurer in Final Fantasy XIV. Along with the list of several enemies that need to be hunted for XP, the locations of the enemies is also provided in the documents. To find the enemies is fun, so the precise location will not be provided. The fun will be over from hunting the beast.

Sanctuaries and inns should be used by players for logging out of the game

Even when the players are not playing, they can get bonus XP because Final Fantasy XIV has rested their XP system. The condition for activating this is that you have to logout in a sanctuary or an inn. When you log out using one of these, there will be an improvement of 50% XP bonus after you log in for their kill. On the one hand, the inn can be found in Eorzea’s capital cities, on the other hand, sanctuaries can be found in the main quest in every zone of the world.

Spirit bound gear should be hold on

The gear will become spiritbound in Final Fantasy XIV because it was worn in the combat too. The tooltip on the items will inform you about their spiritbound progressions. The item can be converted into Materia when its spiritbound progression is 100%. To improve the stats on any equipped items, Materia can be used. This means that the spiritbound system can be easily used when you want to create some amazing epic battle gear.

You should do damage whenever and as much as possible

The players can find it very irritating in MMO games when some high-level player comes in their way and kills the enemy before they get a chance to. Final Fantasy XIV has taken this mob stealing into account.

The players can still earn some XP and Quest credit when they are acting as an assistant in mob kills. This is why you should do a lot of damage before the bests are well and truly stain. During the mob kills, you should ensure that 30% of the entire damage is done by you so that you can reap the awards.

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