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If you are into fun, strategic online multiplayer games then, Vikings War Of Clans is the game for you. You can download the game through the official website and enjoy this fantastic game with great graphics and storyline you get to enjoy the game to the fullest!
This online multiplayer game is around the ages of gruesome war and you are the hero who needs to save his land and his people from the enemies. As you rise through the ranks, you become the leader who owns the land, a powerful army, and the power to take the harshest decisions if the need arises for the safety of his clan! You get to plan attacks, lay traps, and form onslaughts. May the wittiest of you all win!

What is the gameplay?

As you rise through the ranks on your server and decide to form a strong-armed force, you become the leader of your clan and need to protect from other players who are on your server. The game is wildly strategic and can make your head wobble. You need to be aware of everything all the time and take the necessary steps and actions immediately. In a blink of an eye, you can lose everything you have earned and your brute strength, so you need to be extremely aware and careful of your surroundings and ensure the safety of you and your clan at all times.
This game requires you to use your head in such a manner that even if you are not online your clan remains safe and that is a tedious yet the most interesting task ever!

What are some tips and tricks for beginners?

Some of the tips and tricks that you need to follow to be good and a smart player in the game are:

  • Join an active clan – when you start the game the most important task is to join a clan that is active and has a great number of strong players who can work as your ally. In addition to that, you earn money by helping out your clan members, extra rewards, and various exciting things that you can buy or use for your clan. What is more important is that they will protect you if you are not green to protect yourself.
  • Plan and create an early base – generally, a new player follows the tutorial and then goes on to achieve the tasks assigned but that is not necessary. Your goal should be to reach to higher levels by simply building more and more strength and base. This will make a strong foothold of yours in the game.
  • An easy way of gaining resources – You will realize that you are not extracting as many resources as are being consumed and the obvious task is to raid other kingdoms but that is a task and can also cause a lot of trouble. Another smart technique is to create small subordinate kingdoms simply for extracting resources and farming and then raid those kingdoms through your main account and win extra resources!
  • Gold should be treated as though it is almost extinct – When you start playing early on it is obvious that you might face scenarios where you would want to revive your soldiers by spending some gold. What is important is for you to understand that you can gather more strength but you will find it rather tiring to gather more gold. Therefore, please do not spend too much gold and save it for more precious opportunities such as getting higher-level heroes and fighters.
  • Your heroes are your ultimate strength – The hero you earn is the secret behind a strong foothold. It would help if you treated them with great care. The hero can act as a strong asset and improve the chances of you winning against your enemy.
  • Play Wisely – You need to understand the game is extensively strategic and, thus, you need to make proper research and make wise decisions else you might lose everything you have earned along with your entire troop and resources. The oracle is the place where important improvements in regards to your kingdom take place so you need to club the knowledge you have and the further knowledge you get and ensure that you make witty decisions.
  • Stick to one type of troop only – It is true that the game offers you a variety of troops but the higher you go the more you will have to pay. To avoid that we believe you should stick to one single type of troop throughout the duration you play. Though it can be considered as a disadvantage you can keep upgrading your particular troop and they will become stronger and fight at your advantage.
  • Keep your kingdom protected at all cost – as said earlier you have to at all cost keep your kingdom protected. You need to understand that if you do not join an active clan that can protect you and if you do not keep your shield up when you are not there to protect it, many merciless players will attack and take everything away. If this keeps happening you will get irritated and leave the game. Therefore, always keep your shield down and join an active clan through which your allies protect you at all costs.

These are some of the very important and smart tips and tricks that you should follow to ensure that you must follow to ensure that your attachment to the game remains intact and for you to have the most enjoyable gaming experience ever.

Is the game free to download?

Yes, the game is free to download. The link for it is available on the official website and you can access it to download and have a fun experience. Some features of the game are paid but even without those features, you can do extremely well!

So download the game now and have the most fun and brain-teasing gaming experience of all times today!!

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