Neverwinter brings back Tales of Old with ‘Throne of Idris’

Neverwinter, developed by Cryptic Studios, has brought back its event Tales of Old. This week’s encounter is called ‘Throne of Idris’. Tales of Old is a recurring weekly event that offers access to new dungeons encounters. The event takes place in a dungeon delve that is situated in Ebon Downs, which is a burial ground off the southern High Road.

The Throne of Idris started on Oct 17, 2019, and will run for a week, finally ending at 10 AM PDT, Oct 24, 2019. Throne of Idris will be accessible to only players who have reached at least Level 15. Players will be able to participate by entering the crypts in the Miradain Fortress, facing Bone Golem, Direhelm Forge, and finally confronting Idris the Revenant. 

Take on the powerful Idris the Revenant and defeat her to get Coins of Tales Told. Players can redeem Coins of Tales Told for a Chest of Tales Told, which open up opportunities to obtain new and items such as:

  • Mini Idris, a vanity pet that 
  • Woven Tales Enchantment
  • Blood Ruby
  • Rough AD
  • Companion Upgrade Token

Coins of Tales Told will disappear after the event finishes, so use them well within time. 

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