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Plarium is an Israeli web and mobile-based game developer and publisher. He is known for his multiplayer online games. He has developed many games such as RAID: Shadow Legends, TERMINATOR GENISYS: future war, VIKINGS: War of clans, Soldiers and many more.


This game is based on real time strategy. So, you have to make your own strategy and plan how to get to the top. In this game, players have to cooperate with other players to create a team. The ranking is being done from a ranker to the chief in a clan. Players team up according to their wish, train their troops and upgrade their towns and heroes. The major aim of this game is to conquer the place of power which is a unique place located at the center of every kingdom.


Key Features

● You can use horsemen, archers demons to overpower your enemies.

● Now there will be no overlapping of valleys of Aesir as the minimum distance has been increased to 16 -17 tiles.

● You will enjoy building large buildings, the abode of hero and palaces.

● You can join a group of like-minded people.

● If you want to make your foes fear at every turn then you have to deploy your unique strategies.

It is your duty to adopt and master different strategies at times of war. At the same time, you have to be loyal to your warriors under your influence. This game is the most fascinating. So be ready with your clans and enjoy the triumph!

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