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The Israeli game developer Plarium games came up with a new fantasy-themed role-playing game in 2018. The realm of the game is based on the Teleria realm. The main objective of the game is to defeat the ‘Dark Lord’ for the restoration of harmony. The game consists of 12 levels in total, and each level further has seven stages, which have three challenging levels included in it. There are various elements, steps, rules, and storylines added in the game, which may be challenging to follow up for a beginner. This raid shadow legends beginner guide will make the gaming experience fun-filled.

Starting with the basics
The player will have to start the game by assembling a team of champions for the battle. The important elements include

  • 12 campaign stages
  • Nine dungeons
  • Six clan boss arenas to action.
  • As the game proceeds, the player must keep assembling the dungeons, rivers, castles, and deserts.
    To keep your endurability intact, the player must equip his character with lifestyle as well as speed sets. The player must keep winning the battles to level up and clear all the campaign modes.

Some final tips and tricks
Competing in battles and challenges will upgrade your star ratings, and as soon as one reaches the 6-star rating becomes the champion, also playing and winning in contests get more comfortable as the power and advantages are gained.

The most important tip and trick to be added in the raid shadow legends beginner guide is to purchase the gem mine, which will help the player immensely to unlock a lot of rewards, which will further help in leveling up.

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