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Raid: Shadow Legends is a PC game which has been developed by Israeli game developer, Plarium Games. The game is published under the same developer and has taken the main stage in the turn-based role-playing genre. The game has been repeatedly praised for its enhanced graphics which give it a creative niche but keep it real.

Raid: Shadow Legends is a turn-based role-playing game which revolves around an exciting and intriguing storyline. The game is set in the realm of Teleria, which has been taken over by the Dark Lord Siroth. Going with the generic predictions, players have to take the role of an ancient Telerian warrior and defeat the Dark Lord. This would bring peace and prosperity to the land of Teleria. Players also have the option of gathering armies, creating castles and building dungeons to win the war waged against the Dark Lord.

Perks of playing Raid: Shadow Legends
The game has numerous salient features which make it a must on every gamer’s list. Some of them are:
1. The detailing of the game has been done pretty well. Players are required to collect Shards which are the vessels that contain the souls of past warriors.
2. Another significant detail is the Silver which is also used as the currency in the game. Silvers can be used to do anything in the game.
3. The game consists of twelve levels and three levels of difficulty. It is primarily a single-player campaign.

The game has been praised a lot because of its visuals and graphics. Leading Gaming commentators like Gamezebo and PocketGamer have repeatedly said that the anime style graphics which are based on dark fantasy make Raid: Shadow Legends stand out from the crowd. Paul C.R. Monk has written the game’s narrative and the beautiful script makes it a must-play!
So, wield your swords and get ready to defeat the Dark Lord!

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