Roblox Enjoys Massive Player Attention

Roblox is an immensely popular free-to-play online multiplayer game that you can download on Play Store. Getting started is fairly easy. Simply sign up to create an account, create an avatar, and get busy collecting and building small chunks of real estate in the Roblox universe. The game intends to create a safe-to-play gaming environment and a communication platform for kids of all ages. 

That said, not everything is available for free. Special privileges and upgrade speed-ups are available at a price. You can pay to gain access to premium avatars, special abilities, ad removal options, and “Robux”, which is an in-app currency.  Robux can be acquired by paying in the U.S. currency.

The game enjoys huge success, given that over 100 million active users actively engage on the platform. It is natural for a game so popular and focused on community development to face security concerns, especially when a large player-base is children. To address this, Roblox has two levels of security. There are dedicated moderators to monitor chat and user-generated content of all age groups. For users up till the age of 13, there are further restrictions on what content can be generated and who can interact with the players. Parents can even set filters or parental controls to ensure their children have access to only limited and safe content.

The developers have taken the initiative to educate parents through a web page that addresses parents’ concerns and has an open contact policy.

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