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Age of War is a game of strategy and steady planning for those who like challenges. If you love mind-blowing games that will take you back to the ages where you get to battle enemies, defend your civilization and level up to different phases such as the Stone Age, then this, unequivocally, is the right game for you. 

Start as a Caveman battling with sticks and stones and journey further to become a great emperor with a powerful army! Overcome territories and extend your domain’s limits as you become an all the more dominant ruler on the mission to turn into the best leader ever.

The game takes the players from the Stone Age to the late Middle Ages. As an Emperor in the Middle Age, you have a great mission ahead of you: to reach your enemies’ base using an army and destroy it. Gather an incredible armed force, train troops, deal with your urban communities and control tremendous assets. 


Key Features of Age of War

  • Evolve Civilization: Earn XP move from different stages and evolve your civilization. With enough XP you can rule as the King.
  • Defend your base: Stand your ground against your enemies and defend your people. Counterattack the enemies and destroy them as you clear your way to steer ahead.
  • Play for Free: Age of war is compatible with all browsers and is free to download. At no cost at all, you can enjoy Age of War in the full-screen mode on any browser. This game has a great overall rating of 8/10 by players around the world.
  • Multi-Platform: You can download the app on Android or iOS and even play on Facebook. The age has been created to work seamlessly across all platforms on several devices.

The game is pretty straightforward but very challenging. Do you have what it takes to rule over a country? Will you be able to accomplish this great mission? Play now to find out!

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