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Armor Blitz Online is an Anime browser-based MMORG where you play and lead a squad of anime style girls from World War II to battle. This game consists of a card collection mix with real-time  RPG battles. You are armed with relatively small team of tank-girls, who must stop the invading force of the evil and corruption.

You play the chief high commander, means that you are the one to give the commands and responsible for stopping the mysterious invasion. Not an easy task, challenging one!

In general, the main goal is a very common, which is grow your army, strength your power, capture more lands and control the battlefield. Armor Blitz Online game is full of good looking creatures and masters which can make you a lot of troubles. The plot is relatively good and you can choose story diverse set of characters to start your quest with. Each character has its own history, moves and powers.

One of the primary goals is dominating the battlefield, thus you must combine skills, call in reinforcements, and consider your tank’s moves. Being strategic is critical as you need to manage your army both on and off the battlefield. The storyline as said is cool and engaging.

Now, its your move master!

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