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Dragon Awaken is a browser fantasy RPG where you take the role of a hero, mounts or the power of a dragon. Wake up your inner dragon and protect your kingdom! Explore the exciting world as a fierce Dragon, level up your hero, ride over mounts when challenging mystery dungeons.

In the story-line, your commander orders you to attack a dragon lair. However, unfortunately something goes wrong and you end up possessing the super powers of the dragon on the way to become a legendary dragon knight! Now all you need to do is to master and control those powers.

Key Features

1. Choose Your Hero – Dragon Awaken presents a really large selection of heroes. Take the one that looks you the best and enjoy on your adventures.
2. Choose Your Way – There is ultimate one way to build your hero and forge its powers. Pick the powers and talents and you think are the best for your heroes.
3. Mini Games – Great way to earn rewards is by playing short mini games. Sharpen your skills and return to the main adventures stronger then every.

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