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Delve into the world of mysticism with this free online RPG that brings along adventures, interactions and thrilling battles against blood-thirsty monsters. Participate and engage in the battle between Gods and giants to emerge victorious in Eternal Fury. 

The game is available on both mobile phone and web browsers. Build a mighty formidable castle and protect it from monsters by employing your legendary leadership skills.  

Start off by choosing a class that you best relate to – Mage, Archer, or Knight – that has its own special skills and combos, and consistently upgrade your character to ensure you withstand the challenges. Recruit deadly mercenaries to build your army. Slay your enemies and plunder other players’ towns to expand your kingdom and collect resources. 


Key Features of Eternal Fury

  • Customize your character: The game allows you to choose a class – Archer, Knight, or Mage. Each class has its own unique set of powers. Summon meteors, heal your allies, or take charge of your army by leading them into a battle – the game offers plenty of excitement.
  • Recruit Mercenaries: Build a strong team of different deadly mercenaries, each with their unique special skills, and deal physical and magical damage to enemies, or heal your allies to ensure a win.
  • Unlock Legendary Skills: Play consistently to increase skill points that awaken new skills.
  • Exciting PVP Battles: Challenge real players and engage in fierce battles to show off your strength and put to test your newly acquired skills.
  • Upgrade Your Buildings: Construct Town Hall, barracks and academy, each serving its own important purpose. Upgrade them to boost training and resource production. 
  • Seamless Playing Experience: Eternal Fury is compatible with all browsers and works perfect on Android or iOS. You can also play the game through Facebook. 

Eternal Fury is a multiplayer online game takes you to an enchanting world of magic and war. Built on H5 tech, the game guarantees a fluid gameplay experience that adds to the charm of playing. Embark on the journey now for free!

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