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Experience the vivid universe of a constant multiplayer war methodology game that allows you to play with individuals over the globe. Test your capacity as an expert gamer, strategist, and representative by downloading Generals Art of War for free.

This is a military game that requires a strategy to cunningly ambush and defeat your enemies. Developed by Apex Point LLC, the game requires you to build a city as your base.

Develop military power, improve structures and redesign your performance to consistently progress in the game. Form strong alliances to battle in groups with different players.  Construct different buildings that generate resources. Build training camps for troops and upgrade them to accelerate training. 

Strip your enemies of their provisions as you take them on in fierce battles. Acquire assets and grow your strength. 

Tremendous extension for the improvement of your base and task force! The game features many approaches to build your battle power and tests your management skills by putting to test your ability to collect resources and upgrade important buildings..


Key Features of Generals Art of War

  • Download for Free: You can download and play Generals Art of War on any platform – Android or iOS. Play online, invite friends and challenge players from around the world.
  • Develop War Strategies: Strategize, create a cunning plan, and charge into the enemies’ camp to destroy and annihilate them.
  • Use Upgrades: Develop your character. Become the brave hero you are meant to be. Your army needs an active General: someone who can take charge, create weapons, and become even more powerful. Upgrade your infrastructure and complete daily missions.
  • Obtain Resources: To construct military structures, raid your enemies camp, loot belongings and upgrade your army to own better weapons and purchase military vehicles. Take charge of the mission and be a skillful leader.

The game is available for free. All you need is an active internet connection. So, are you ready to take on the challenge and be the  Great General by making a name for yourself in the Generals Art of War?

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