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Join League of Angels in the battle for power as your favorite angels fight against infernal beings and their rulers in an articulately forged fantasy land. The immutable conflict between the two forces has gyrated the whole world upside down. It is time to for you to take part in the epic fantasy battle, and empower the angels to fight and reclaim their glory.

The newest module in the award-winning epic fantasy game League of Angels is here! So, it’s time to put on your thinking hat and embark on an epic journey into the mortified world of the angels.

Want to play a game that interesting and visually appealing too? Look no further than League of Angels 3. The game boasts of exquisite 3D graphics, dynamic landscape, and beguiling characters designed to keep you engaged till the very end. The game offers a lot more fun than its predecessors and a cool new combat system to keep users on the edge of the seat.

Play your tactics for the new challenges and perfect your battle strategies to counterattack even the most formidable enemies. The game lets you choose your own creative space to conquer the enemies and make angels victorious.

Don’t forget to equip the latest battle tools and angel’s makeup to gain a strategic advantage over your foe. Employ the best battle tactics and remember to master the timings of the angel’s exceptional abilities to ensure maximum damage to your opponents.

Let yourself be swayed in the dispotian world of the angels, as the game boasts of a detailed story-line and engaging characters arch. League of Angels 3 was launched with enormous new updates, a large map, different character focus and a number of diverse battles to choose from. To sum it all up, the game will never let apathy wear you off.

How to play the game?

To play the game, all you need is a browser and a Google plus or Facebook id. You can register for free on loa3.gtarcade.com, and get started on an epic journey. The game needs Flash player to run, so don’t forget to check before launching it on your browser.

Features that Set the Game Apart

Engaging Strategy – You get an opportunity to recruit heroes and shape your own mighty team against the evil forces. Think creatively to gain an edge over your opponents, and win all the epic fantasy battles. The game also provides an innovative dual resource combat system, adding an additional layer of strategy. You need to be focused and think a step ahead at every point to win LOA3.
Numerous Progression Methods – You can recruit heroes, elevate and expand their abilities, upgrade and learn more powerful skills in the game. There are thousands of battle equipment to find. You can upgrade and refine them according to the battle’s requirement. Blessings add another layer of strength to all your angels.
Exciting Gameplay – You can choose from a number of gameplay modes, according to the genre you are in the mood for. The game lets you select from modes like Honor trial, Labyrinth, Arena, Guilds.


League of Angels is an epic fantasy 3D browser game which is a perfect mix of exquisite graphics, intense action, creative strategies, well complemented with an articulate story-line. In a world where darkness might take over good, it is up to you save the world from complete annihilation and restore peace. So, why wait when you have tons of lives to save!   

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