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The real world does look boring, especially when you have had a taste of MapleStory 2, the next level MMORPG from Nexon. Dive into a fascinating world of vibrant colors and eclectic characters in this 3D sequel to the widely popular MapleStory, a 2D MMO. The game promises a lot more fun this time. It’s a block-based world that lets you discover colorful environments. Unleash your creativity and build a whole new fascinating world around yourself.

Plan the decor and build a swanky home. Set up dungeons to stash your weapons and precious items. Customize your character on the go to give it an avatar that is close to your heart and personality. You will find access to secret worlds where you can combat enemies and monsters with weapons you have amassed along your journey. Boss battles are especially exciting because they are challenging and have the potential to cause a lot of havoc in the area.

Downtown Los Angeles saw the premiere of MapleStory 2 by Nexon America in NOVO Lounge on August 21, 2018, where it made the game contents public.

MapleStory 2 launched with 12 brand new dungeons, combat blades with runes inscribed on them, a lot of new magic elements, and more contents. There will be regular events on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other events throughout the year to keep players excited and on their toes. There is always so much happening every day!

How to Get Started

You must have a Nexon America account to get started. Download Nexon Launcher, thereafter. Once done, simply choose MapleStory 2 from the list of games available and choose your region. Viola! You are all ready to play!

Key Features

Character Personalization – You can customize almost every aspect of your character, from gender, hairstyle, and face to skin tone, outfit, and name.

Create your dream house – You get a free house when you start. How you build it is completely up to you. You can build swimming pools, beautiful gardens, staircases, and what not! Invite friends to your place and have fun. You are only limited by your creativity. Go, unleash it!

Classes and Jobs – With several classes and jobs, you always have something more to look out for and master. Familiarize yourself with different runeblades. Combat as the Berserker, Thief, Archer, Assasin or Wizard to take on the opposition or to complete events.

Create your own music – The game has limitless instruments for you to play. Play for others, create your own music and share with friends.

Exciting Mini-Games – Participate in several fun-to-play mini-games throughout the day – Trap Master, Dance Dance Stop, Maple X-O Quiz, Sole Survivor, Spring Beach – to gain experience points, earn skills, level up or take away exciting prizes. Satisfy your need to stay ahead of others.

Multiple Character Slots – You start off with 6 character slots that you get absolutely free. You can buy three more slots using Merets, the premium currency of MapleStory 2.


MapleStory 2 is a beautifully designed yet a highly adventurous online game that promises loads of fun and exciting moments throughout the gameplay. Create, destroy and develop again, as long as your creativity maxes out. Unleash Your Creativity in this Fun MMORPG Game. We bet, the fun wouldn’t end even then.

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