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Embark on a mysterious journey filled with challenges and trials. NosTale is an amazing action and adventure MMORPG game. Vanquish your enemies and build your empire.

There are 5 different stages in NosTale: Swordsman, Sorcerer, Archer, Martial Artist, and Adventurer. Each stage offers your unique powers and a chance to create your own personalized character.

You start out as an Adventurer, which is a mixture of every stage but is considered the weakest class with the lowest strength and HP in the game. Over time, you advance to become a Sorcerer, who is a magic attack expert with high-level HP or a Swordsman who is effectively active in the area of close combat and can take heavy damage because it has the highest HP level.

You can also develop your home, maintain a lush green garden, build a relationship and party wild with your friends.


Key Features of NosTale

  • Download for Free: NosTale is absolutely free to play. You can, however, buy in-app purchases to accelerate your progress. Enjoy an amazing adventure with various people from all over the world and crush your enemies.
  • Different Categories: NosTale allows you to experience every adventure in different levels, for example, use elements – fire, water, air, and earth – to conquer your enemies and fight as a sorcerer, archer, adventurer, swordsman or Martial artist.
  • Specialist Cards: Engage in Raids and journey to complete different Quests so as to gain specialist cards and advance to a different stage.
  • Multiplayer Gaming Experience: With NosTale, you can play with family and friends, and even meet new people from all parts of the world. Make friends, create an alliance to journey together, and battle mythical monsters that add to the charm of game-playing.

Experience astonishing adventures, defeat monsters and enemies and fight side by side with friends to build a stronger bond and higher HP level. Become part of a lively animated world by playing NosTale today and experience the thrill!

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