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From the profundity of obscurity to the crest of legend, it’s time to be the author of your actions through SAO’s legend. Do you have what it takes to become a master strategist to win this game? Or rise to the ranks of a virtuous leader in the face of unpredictability? If yes, then jump onto the entourage, to traverse through the world SAO’s legend, a game based on a popular anime called Sword Art Online.

The game will set you off to explore the mysterious realms, where you will become accustomed to arduous challenges, and return as a pioneer. SAO’s legend replicates your favorite episodes like adventures of aicard: Slaughter of Moonlit Black Cats, Quest of Holy sword Excalibur, Murders in safe zone among others.

It’s time to immerse yourself in the world of multifaceted environment and landscape. The unpredictable and balanced class gameplay is well complemented with an epic storyline. The game is filled with appealing navigation pixies, delightful environment, legendary weapons, and a number of tough challenges to keep you enticed and engaged with the story. You can also be friends with the most charming anime girls, and invoke them to fight your battles. Not only this, but the game also uses state-of-the-art technology to showcase gifted skills whilst giving a fast-paced battle.

SAO’s legends is a perfect blend of an epic story-line & actions that contain all the elements you look for in an MMORPG game. With the unique and realistic character design, the game looks something shredded out of a sci-fi film. As you go on to the higher levels, you get access to a number of divine weapons, which will help outmatch any arch-nemesis of yours.
It’s time to show your might and rule over your enemies, while also making girlfriends along the path.

How to get started with the game?

SAO’s legend is a free-to-play browser MMORPG. All you need is a browser and an internet connection to play the game. Visit the site , create or sign up with your social accounts, and enjoy the game!

Key Features Of SAO’s legend

Choose a SAO character: If you’re a huge anime fan, and have been longing to play a game as one, then now is the opportunity. You can select between four SAO characters, according to their different skill sets and classes.
Get a “girlfriend”: Find yourself a virtual mate in the game, and ask her to win the battles for you.
Legendary weapons: Unlock more levels, and get your hands on divine weapons to maximize your abilities.
Special events – There are numerous special events held throughout the year to reward exclusive items.
Numerous Instances: From the Aincrad instance to the Gear instance, you get an option to pursue a number of dungeons, each having their own rewards.


Explore the enigmatic world of SAO’s legend which has is filled with unpredictable traps and mayhem, combined with formidable enemies. The world depends on you to restore the balance of power in a place fallen into the enemy hands. Be the hero that the world needs. Join any of the three guilds, make new friends, and aim for the topmost rank. It’s going to be a fun ride!

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