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In Skyforge you play an immortal warrior on the way of becoming a mighty God. As you move ahead in the game you will be gaining power and followers. Those followers will assist in your battles to protect the world from the enemy force.
Increasing the number of followers, will make you stronger until eventually becoming an Elder God.

The game is inspired by the best action combat console games you can find in the industry. The graphics of the game are super nice and give you a real combat experience. Combat actions are based on point and click which transformed into spectacular animated action graphics. The character progress and leveling system using a prestige mechanism which upgrades the players based on their stats and achievements.

Player will encounter exciting adventures and impressive locations to visit across the planet of Aelion. In research center, the player can train itself, change character’s appearance or visit the park where different events are hosted. Divine Observatory allow the player to travel any location around Aelion, like Dankit Island, Lanber Forest, Isola Digs, etc.

Each location with its own adventures, objectives and enemies to face. Good storyline enhance the game experience as well.


Join an highly engaging mmorpg game with so many options for character customizations, powers actions and other features that will enable you to stay connected with the game for a long period of time.

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