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Soul Calibur is the story of souls and swords. Simple as that. The great weapons-based fighting game series returns, this time unleashing interesting plot, fantastic fighters and fascinating combos with far better graphics and sounds then previous versions. This time, every combatant comes is equipped with a unique weapon as the character primary tool for killing, destroying and crushing! You can even find some similarities between the character and its weapon.

How To Play

Soul Calibur is an easy to adapt fighting action game, 2 vs player, team-battle of eight fighters simultaneously and also the last man standing battle-mode. Missions mode is no longer available, however the story is a interesting, stressful and progressive that you can definitely dive inside it.

Key Features

1. Fresh new weapons in 3D fighting game makes the whole game a unique and superior over its alternatives
2. High quality graphics
3. Great plot and progress story that will keep you focus all the time
4. Enjoyable gameplay, moves, combats, combos, view angles and so much more.


Soul Calibur feels the best ever, bring so much value and fun to its players. Definitely worth the time of fan of that niche. With so many advantages its difficult to argue.

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Rating: 4.0/5. From 1 vote.
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