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World of Tanks sents you to the 20th century where more than 500 war machines are kept in your command. It is an never-ending military-machines war played by multiple players from all around the world. Take command of legendary Shermans, Churchills, Tigers, and T-34s vehicles that has rich battlefield history.
Build your own league to master the art of armored combat. Various maps are offered to you to take part in their battlefields. Choose one of them and start crushing your enemies. The game is filled with many beautiful historic places from all around the world, very accurate design of locations with deep attention to details will mesmerize you during the game. Wise decision making and tactical approach demanded to win the battle without losing your team. Your rivals are willing to defeat you, they are hungry for winning. Any action that you take in the game should make a large impact on the battleground else your loss is inevitable.

How to play

Register to the Game – Fill the registration form and get yourself enroll to the game. The registration process will give you access to your personal account where you can make changes to your profile according to your need.
Choose battle tank – Choose tanks from a wide range of options. For the beginners, few options are offered as default mode and as you move forward in the game and winning the battle, you will gain more power and rewards. You can use those to upgrade your battle tank or purchase a new one with your to boost your firepower.
Maps – Different locations are offered through maps. Select one of the maps from the given option and land on the ground to challenge the enemy. Each location will have a different threats. You should notice on the difficulty level before you enter a certain location. Make sure to be equipped with sufficient resources to defend yourself in the battle else the enemy will destroy you easily.

Key features

Game Modes – Six primary types of battles are offered. Choose the mode as per your choice or go with the random selection options. Modes such as random battles, team-training battles, tank-company battles, team battles, stronghold battles, and special battles are ready and waiting for you.
Vehicle types – The vehicle’s design are kept as much as realistic to give the users real-life experience. Simplified operating options enables the users to play the game comfortably without needing to read the manual. Click to fire button is sufficient to start playing the game.
Strongholds – Build your own clan and upgrade it according to your need. You will have enough options to make your clan more powerful compared to your enemy. The stronghold begins with one zone and grows into four different zones as the members who are participating in the game increases.
Graphics – World Of Tanks’s developers has made tremendous graphic work, impressive and high-quality which enhance the player’s experience


World Of Tanks will delight you during the gameplay. The best thing is that you participate in the game with other online players which can consistently join to your clan. Real-time activities make the game more interesting as you will not have any idea what situation you have to face next. You should register yourself today and begin experiencing the battleground which you might have never seen before.

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