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It is time to go back and live the era of the world war again. One of the unknown battles happened in the deep sea water is now accessible through the World of Warships. Become a warship commander and plunge into world naval history. Battleships which come to destroy anything that comes on their way. Various Warships are available,  such as aircraft carriers, destroyer, cruisers other types of the Battleships.

Your enemies are charged up and willing to invade your country. You cannot allow them to reach your land and take away your freedom. Get all the resources onboard and use a tactical approach to forge a strong defense against your enemies. Your wise decision, strategic planning and resources usage to the optimum level which will decide whether you will win the battle or not. It is your responsibility to save the life of your people and keep them safe at any cost. Even if you fall, you will learn from your defeat and rise again with the new spirit. Losing the battle is not an option.

How to play

It is a team based game where two or three people join together with a common goal. You can select from four different types of vessels includes destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers.

Each ship has a number of advanced features, learning and controlling them will give you an advantage. You will be able to unlock certain modules over the period of time. It can be helpful to spend some time to understand the ship structure and different modules.

You will be given the upgrade option at some point to move from one ship to another. Once the ship is upgraded you can shift from one ship to another as per your choice. When you made it to the top warship level, then your battleship becomes the Elite ship member in the game.
You can further customize the assigned ship to increase the firepower. Each time you win the battle you will be awarded with certain perks.
Various maps are available in the game. You can choose one of them to enter the battle and start fighting. The ultimate goal is to defeat the opponent and capture the area.

Key features

Four Premium Ships – The player get to choose from Four different warships. Each one is a copy of the very same warship from WWII  and contains a unique identity and firepower. There are pros and cons of each ship which the player should take into consideration. For a certain battle, you might need a specific type of ship. Large Ships equipped with more arsenal, but generally lack of speed, and the opposite.

High-end graphic – The high-end graphic is the heart of the World Of Warships game. You will be stunned by the real-time battlefield and the attention to smallest details. Also high-quality sound effect that complete the overall experience.


The World Of Warships is one of the interesting MMO game available in the battlefield gaming category. People who want to live the era of the world war and enjoy the tactical approach will have the best time playing this game. Register yourself today and start playing the game.

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