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Captain Bernhardt need your help to protect the noble people of his country. The growing menace of the undead has weakened his force. Defending his people has become challenging as most of the resources and manpower have been utilized to the save the people. He has to face the many difficult battles to perceive the victory.
The ultimate challenge is to defeat the Dread King in the front of the black pyramid gates to end this decade-old war. Bernhardt is aware of the consequences of this battle. He has to pour green blood to win the race and climb the mountain to claim his supremacy.

How to play

The player has to participate in the variety of the battles incorporated in a mixture of the medieval warfare and fantasy elements. You will be offered other options including infantry, cavalry, ranged, artillery, wizards, and other specialized units.
You have to deploy your units before a battle. Kill all the enemy who crosses your path and conquers their lands. During the game, each unit receives different magic items which are useful against the enemies.

Moreover, Wizards characters can cast spells after they obtain enough magical power. This magical power generally builds up over time as you move ahead in the game.
Dark Omen is a multiplayer mode game. You can compete with online players in real-time. Enjoy the variety of the battlefields such as Imperial, Orcish, and Undead. Those battlefields contain various types of features, gameplay options, hidden challenges, multiplayer troops, and many other interesting warfares.
Your game begins with the purchase of the a predefined army with default resources, weapons, and troops. You win or lose, the game rewards the player with the certain amount of in-game money based on your efforts and killing ratio.With your earned money will prepare yourself for the next match by obtaining the new weapons and other resources.

Key features

Characters – Build your characters using the multiple selections provided in the game. Weapons and battlefield training are optional features in the game to upgrade your characters.
Make your own troops – players are free to make their own troops using the various options such as the specialty of the character, weapons, different training modules. Make your troop unique. The strength of your troop is a major factor whether you will win the battle or not. So it is very important that you upgrade your troops consistently with the new resources and game plan.

Multiplayer gameplay – Multiplayer option allows the users to play the game in real time with the other users. Each player plans they’re on tactics and follow in the game to defeat the enemies. You will be facing the real users in the game. The wise person winds the battle and conquers the land of the opponent.
Graphics – The top view gameplay angle gives you complete control of the game. In addition, design graphic and pleasant colors make the games more attractive. You will enjoy playing the game for long hours without any difficulty.


Dark Omen is a fantasy real-time tactical game crafted based on the Warhammer fantasy battle tabletop game. The game is inspired by Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat. Beautiful graphics, real-time battle, many advance configuration, character building options, and many other personalized features make the game one of the top battle game in this category. If you are the fan of the battle game then this would make your day.

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