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Elvenar is a 2D browser-based RTS and highly popular online strategy game, combine city-building with a fantasy world. User can play the humans spices with the battle and war skills, or to the magical Elvenar civilization. The game evolve around building a vast empire while playing the ruler. Improving the city, extend resources and pursue for new technologies are all part of the game.

The game basically start by building the city and streets and collect resources for increasing wealth. It’s not easy task to make your city unique and still looking good, so players have to be creative. Elvenar offers benefits for players that make a well-designed looking cities.

When it comes to the combat system , Elvenar offers a unique one which allows players to control every unit during the battle or to choose the famous auto-battle default option.

Cities in Elvenar can have different style and culture based on the player selection, while maps are vast and gives a lot of opportunities and discover more lands, resources and meet other players.

Key Features

  1. Browser-Based RTS  city-building RTS game played on browser with easy registration and install process. elements, any computer with internet connection can can run Elvenar.
  2. Progress and Evolve – upgrade your empire and progress through the tech tree and increase your power
  3. RPG Style – full control over your units, similar to the way RPG game works


If you are a fan of MMORTS and deep inside strategy and planning then Elvenar is the game for you. Simple, easy and intuitive gameplay with RPG-style combat options.

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