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Craving for a good MMO strategy game? Well, we have the best. Forge of Empires, the immensely popular browser-based online strategy game from the developers of the famed Tribal Wars, is just the game you need to relax and nip off some time.  

Set in the Stone Age era, you are an emperor with the mission to build a great flourishing empire from a small village. The game takes the players from ancient times to the late Middle Ages. Amass a great army, train troops, manage your cities, and control vast resources.

Fuel your hunger, conquer provinces and expand your empire’s boundaries as you become a more powerful ruler on the quest to become the greatest ruler of all times.

Medium-level, and sometimes even retro, graphics allow you to focus solely on strategizing. Sense the sweet smell of nostalgia as the game takes you back to the good old gaming days. An amazing soundtrack that complements the theme of conquests and invasions offers a truly immersive game-playing experience. Sounds of battles, deploying structures and constructing buildings sound almost real and take you to the battlefield.

So, do you have it in you to become the ruler that generations will look up to for centuries to come?

Key Features

1. Play as an Individual – Although Forge of Empires is a MMO, players can choose single game mode.
2. Multiple Responsibilities – Put your planning and ruling capabilities to use by handling the responsibilities of both the king and the architect. At least, that’s how the greatest kings have done it.
3. Multi-Platform – Forge of Empires is available to play via web browsers, Facebook, iOS and Android.

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