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Goodgame Empire is about playing a king or queen of an empire kingdom. Take care of all your people, make them happy and satisfied. Be the one who deals with daily riots. Enlist your loyal army to conquer new lands and other rival kingdoms. Work hard and make them loyal to you. Only to you. Manage wisely your resources. Let everyone know your name!

How To Play

Goodgame Empire is an online browser-based strategy free-to-play game and an quite easy to grasp.
The game start is pretty common, as you can build your kingdom very quickly and game is self-explained. As the game evolve and empire is expending then it will be harder to maintain and control the lands.
The game beginning has also nice in-game tutorial which takes you to every important place on screen and shows the popular actions that you should get familiar with. Another great point to mention if you are a beginner is that once you start the game no-one can attack your kingdom in the first 7 real-time days.

Key Features

Build Your Own Empire–  You can select over 60 different buildings, while each building has several upgrade levels and design which makes your empire diverse and different from other empires out there.

Social Community – You can chat with more than 70 million players worldwide in real-time, join forces and strategy.

Battle System – Diverse battle system consist of over 50 different military and brigade units. Military items which can be customized.


If your are searching for cool, popular casual strategy game, then this is the game for you! Use your spare time better and enjoy a wealthy vast kingdom. Show yourself how amazing King/Queen you could have been!

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