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Experience the delight of ruling a beautiful kingdom set in the Mediterranean. Ikariam is a massively multiplayer online game that is reminiscent of ancient Greece. Rule an island in the middle of the ocean. Make mighty alliances with your neighbors to maintain your stronghold. 

The game features adorable characters and beautiful graphics that keep players thoroughly engaged. Players are required to collect resources consistently by plundering other players’ islands or by trading with them. The resources are needed to construct important buildings that are needed to progress in the game. 


Key Features of Ikariam

  1. Construct buildings: Set up major buildings, such as barracks, academies, and shipyards. Train your troops, perform research and send your fleet off to another island for a planned attack. Send your citizens to train as soldiers and build a stronger army.
  2. Collect Resources: The game has mainly five types of resources: wood, marble, wine, sulphur, and crystal glass. Collect them regularly to progress in the game.
  3. Research: Research new technologies that are needed to upgrade and train your troops.
  4. Incredible graphics: Terrific animation and graphics ensure an immersive gameplay experience.
  5. Learn about ancient Greece: Learn interesting trade practices of ancient Greece. Discover war strategies and employ them to wage a war against foes.
  6. Seamless playing experience: Ikariam works perfectly on all browsers, so you can play it on a laptop. You can even download the app on Android or iOS.

Ikariam is an excellent game to develop your management and leadership skills. Join or create an alliance and amass bonus resources every day. Back up new players who need protection or be a part of a large alliance that has highly experienced players who will back you up every step of the way.

Play the game for free on a web browser, smartphone or tablet, and spend hours happily expanding your kingdom.

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