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When it comes to winning the battle, you need the greatest leaders. Ameria, whose ruling monarch has died. Throne Kingdoms is looking for the leader who can give freedom to the kingdom from the evil forces. Each player in the game will have their own cities and armies to whom they will manage and trained to fight with the destructive force.

However, the battle will not be easy as there are many other players moving in the same direction and waiting for you and claim the win. Your logic and strategic power are critical, those will decide whether you will defeat them in the battlefield arena or not. Join Throne Kingdoms At War, multiplayer RTS online game where users play the game simultaneously, giving fun and hard time to each other. The ultimate goal is to win the Throne and become the king of the kingdom.

How To Play


Create your username and enter the game by registering yourself, simple, easy and fast process.

Choose Characters

You will be offered to choose your character out of 4 to 5 fictional characters. Each of them have different qualities which will serve you in your battles. Choose one of them and move on to the next process.

Build Cities

You have to build the cities by choosing various elements offered in your dashboard. The cities are necessary to provide a living place for your armies. A common and major aspect on almost every strategy game.

Build Armies –

Once you are done with building cities and created your own land to protect your people, the next step is to move your armies to fight against other players. You might have to study the training module given in the game to train your armies with different tactics. Your goal should be making your army as strong and resourceful possible in order to win as much battles as you can. Your army will most likely encounter various hurdles during the gameplay. Make sure that you equipped your legions with the require armory to beat the opponent.

Capture different land –

As you move ahead, you will face other players in the game. They will try to protect their land from you. You have to fight with them and win their land during the battle and gain more power, armies who will be helping you to win the next battle.

Earn Rewards

Rewards will be paid to you for each battle you win. Try to get maximum rewards and use it to build your characters and move ahead in the game.

Key features

Breathtaking Land

It is truly mesmerizing to view the Kingdom beautiful design and give users a real-life adventure. The graphic Throne Kingdoms At War is  amazing and gameplay exciting. Users get multiple options to build their cities and improve their lands according to their needs. As you move ahead in the game, the view becomes even more intense. You will probably feel that you are completely lost in the gameplay, living a life of the king who is fighting the dignity.

Background Score

Occasionally you will get to experience interesting background score after each win. This gives a feeling of the real battlefields. The sound of fire, fight, and scream of the people gives so much more and real-life atmosphere.


Throne Kingdoms At War is built around the fictitious kingdom of Ameria who’s ruling monarch and has recently died in the battle. Now players get the chance to lead the kingdom by defeating each other and win the throne. Various elements are added to the game which makes the gameplay more interesting. City building, training of armies are some of the activities that will keep you busy in the gameplay. You will crave to come back the next day and upgrade your armies and move ahead in the gameplay. Enjoy playing!

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