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Total War ARENA is a team-based strategy MMO game, where players takes the role of legendary heroes and forge their legacy through combats. Playing Total War Arena gives you some kind of expectations and excitements that many similar games in that niche fail to do. This game is about smashing the defenses of your opponents.
Total War: ARENA takes its players to the heart of battles and tactics like you may not encountered before.
The Total War series games, takes the pillars of both tactics and strategy combats. Paired with historical authenticity and dive into smallest details.

As a hero, you might find yourself as Caesar of Rome, Leonidas of Sparta or Arminius of Germania.
Lead your troopers in pitted 10v10 battles and let your name spread across the vast world. Train your army, think of different battle tactics and crush your way to the victory.

Key Features

Team-Based Strategy – group and chat with your team members for a dramatic strategic moves. An amazing feature of this great game.
Historical and Authentic – unique historic heroes with different skills, strategies and battle styles. A great aspect for the game and excitement for you as a player.
Multiplayer – 10 vs 10 in a multiplayer simultaneous game. Each one leading three battle units.

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