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Shamans have reached lands of the north. The mystical force that posses the great power and knowledge is about to rise again. Their unique abilities to fight the battle with large troops smart tactics will make you feel bewildered. Only they have the power to banish Ghosts and take control over it.
The world is filled with dark sight, endless battle, unrelenting environment, and blood all around the territory. Your survival completely depends on your ability to sense the paragon at each step and plan your action according to the challenge. Quick action is needed to prepare for the battle else your downfall is inevitable. Good tactics, experience, right kind of tools and presence of mind is needed to win the battle and destroy your opponent.

How to play

Vikings War Of Clans is battlefield game incorporated with high-end graphics and a wide range of the special effects. The players have to work together to build their own clan. The final clan will have a specific hierarchy such as chief and corresponding players in the troops. Each one will have their dedicated authority chief who will be leading the battles during the game. Strategical approach is required for increasing the winning chances and move ahead in the game.

The goal is to capture the place of power. It is a uniquely designed location placed in the center of the kingdom. You allowed to create your own clans, train troops and choose their heroes with selected towns. Special resources are offered to the players including lumber, iron, stone, food, silver etc. Additional each player gets in-game currency which is known as Gold. You can use this currency to purchase special resources and upgrade the character or structures. Make them stronger.
Once the clan is ready, use them to attack others town and capture the land. Mark your presence on maximum land and occupy the towns of others players. Every win gives you in-game cash and gold money that you can use to upgrade your play style and appearance.

Key features

Numerous Troop Classes – You will enjoy the multiple classes design to give you a thrilling experience. Each class has its own challenges which make the game more exciting.
Stunning Graphics – This is one of the factors why the Vikings War Of Clans has got its recognition in the tough competition of the RTS niche. The extraordinary graphics makes the game more interesting and gives you realistic view. Special effects are nicely crafted to showcase the imaginary world with sharp details.
Handsome rewards – Each win gives rewards which you can use to buy additional resources. Use the rewards to obtain new tools and essential resources, this is most likely the way for wining battles.
Weapons and Gear Crafting – Another useful feature that make users engaged in the game, weapons and gear crafting section. You can now craft your weapons using multiple options. Customize your weapons according to your need and make it more powerful.


Vikings War Of Clans is one of the fastest growing MMO game in the war game category. It is free to play at certain levels and after that, the player has to pay to upgrade the level. You can team up with the online groups and participate in the battle to fight against the enemy force. Each clan will have their own goal and target. One group generally contain 100 persons separated by single clan name, shield, and regulations. Take the part in the raging battlefield that never ends.

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